Monosphere team up with Siamese singer Mirza Radonjica on their techy and abrasive new single “Friends & Foes”!

Monosphere refine their techy modern metalcore sound with their heaviest song to date and an outstanding vocal performance by Mirza Radonjica (Siamese).

Pure energy – that’s the spirit of Monosphere’s new single “Friends & Foes”. Starting with an abrasive mathcore section and riff-loaden blast beats, it instantly kicks in with some oldschool-BTBAM vibes. A techy 7/8 break section reminiscent of The Contortionist’s “Exoplanet”-era leads into a djenty TesseracT-y groove section and is round up by a typical Monosphere-chorus with lots of repetitive melodies and a climax being found in an intriguing vocal performance by Mirza Radonjica from Siamese. Bringing in a totally new aspect to the music of Monosphere, Mirza comments:

“I was very happy I could channel my inner Emarosa / Dance Gavin Dance (Jonny Craig period) affinity on this track!”

After the successful release of Monosphere’s debut album „The Puppeteer“ in 2021, they kept themselves busy supporting bands like The Ocean, Rolo Tomassi, END, Conjurer and Imperial Triumphant among several headline shows. Supported by the Initiative Musik, they had the chance to realize a visual concept and their first proper music performance video which was shot in an abandoned nuclear bunker. “Friends & Foes” is the first single showcasing Monosphere’s refined vision of modern post-metal, infused by techy prog, an homage to 2010’s djent movement, mathcore and black metal.

The single was mixed by Phil Kaase (The Mixing Mine) and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Leprous, BTBAM) and easily stands out with the band’s best production to date. As drummer and songwriter Rodney Fuchs comments:

”Choosing „Friends & Foes“ as the first single after our debut album was an easy decision. It’s easily the heaviest track we’ve released so far and stands out with an incredible vocal feature. We wanted to come back with a bang and hope this plan works out.“

“Friends & Foes” credits:

Lyrics by Kevin Ernst
Music by Rodney Fuchs
Video by Pascal Klebe (malicevisuals)
Produced by Philipp Kaase (The Mixing Mine)
Mixed by Philipp Kaase (The Mixing Mine)
Mastered by Jens Bogren (Fascination Street)
Cover Artwork by Kevin Ernst